• Maximize Fat Burning

    The following article I intend to give you some recommendations to enhance the “burning” of fat, emphasizing particularly on nutrition. Go for it! Distribution of macronutrients This is one of the factors that is modified when dieting, where we see the percentages of carbohydrate diets are 60%, others where opt for the keto-diet with 5-10%, ...
  • 100

    Often abdominal exercises as an effective means to reduce abdominal fat and provide a nice cut waist are promoted, but is this really grounded and true? What experiences say? There are few studies exist on the subject (in sources can find some) and the methodology to follow is to compare fat loss by adding or ...
  • Omega 3 Benefits

    The Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary and essential for the organism. Everybody needs them, both young and older people. Here we describe all its properties and the benefits to health. What are the essential fatty acids Omega 3? The omega-3 fatty acids belong to the group of essential fatty acids. This means that our body ...
  • High intensity circuit training

    If you remember, recently we talked on the blog of a particular case in which 2 kg were lost in only 4 days in untrained subjects. In it, we conclude that it is better to be constant and persevering to accumulate a large volume of work in such a short time. You can see the ...
  • Lose Fat For Women

    After several days of “disconnect” from work, I got to interact with my fans on Facebook, answering questions and comments that had pending. Something I discovered and brought me a big smile, was to observe the large number of girls (young and not so young) who follow me and are interested in improving your body ...
  • Reduce carbohydrates

    New studies suggest reducing the amount ingested carbohydrates from your diet, rather than fat to be more successful if your goal is to lose weight. It is the recommendation that make you from Harvard where they have been studying the best way to lose weight. Reduce carbohydrates For years, it seems that low-fat diets were ...
  • Benefits of Synephrine

    What is Synephrine? Synephrine is the main active ingredient found in Citrus aurantium, popularly known as Bitter Orange and has a long tradition in Chinese medicine under the name of “Zhi Shi” and is lately being widely studied by researchers. What are the properties of synephrine? It is a natural chemical and structurally similar to ...
  • insulin

    This is probably one of the inputs “thorn stuck” I had a long time since I had always wanted to talk about the myth that insulin makes us fat people, is why I decided to write 2-3 articles The reason why I write now is not because I have more free time (in fact until ...
  • Importance of pH

    What is pH? pH stands for “potential hydrogen”. It is the degree of concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance or solution. The pH of the body is very important because it controls the rate of biochemical reactions in our body. The pH is measured on a scale from 1 to 14 reflecting the acidity ...
  • Glycerol to Ensure hydration

    Exercise performed for more than an hour in hot, humid environments can cause excess fluid loss of 3 liters. In these conditions, where else is there to ensure hydration, but we must go further: very prolonged and intense physical activity or people who tend to excessive sweating should also be factors to take into account ...