• How to burn fat on the belly

    Any trainer in fitness club or the dietitian on a question: how to clean sides to the man, will give the answer that in this case the complex solution of a problem will be required. If the cause of the appearance of fat folds on the sides was poor nutrition and lack of exercise, it ...
  • How to remove belly fat

    Big belly-a General definition of disharmony in the structure of the body, in which the size of the stomach out of the framework of natural proportions. It may be more the fifth point, to bulge over the bust line and completely neutralize the waist. The folds on the stomach not only look bad, but can ...
  • potassium

    What is Potassium ? Potassium is an essential mineral that is present in the body, and particularly important for cellular and electrical function. It is one of the main ” electrolytes ” (together with sodium and chloride), which means carrying a small electric charge (potential). In many functions, potassium is sodium opposition, and the two ...