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    CrossFit is a powerful system that includes fitness turn several sports, such as weightlifting, gymnastics …, where movements are executed are functional in nature and executed at high intensity. Its main attraction is the competitive factor treasured being able to check in every workout where we are “forced” to express our full potential Why Are ...
  • Body Fat Distribution

    Abdomen flaccid, gynecomastia or holsters? … All these questions go through regulate the hormonal balance  That is, the distribution of fat in the body is determined by the hormonal balance … Or, backwards, and is the hormonal balance that determines the distribution of fat? … Well, it seems that just start things get complicated. Importance ...
  • foods rich fiber

    What is it? Dietary fiber is food or nutrient originating from plants with similar structure carbohydrates but, unlike these, it can not be decomposed into digestible sugar molecules (our digestive enzymes are not compatible). Thus, the fiber passes through the intestinal tract relatively intact manner. Why we need fiber Fiber provides us related to the ...
  • Repetitions in the reserve

    Traditionally speaking intensity strength training is defined as a percentage of 1RM. If someone is able to lift 100 kg once and want to set the intensity at 75% 1RM, the weight used would be 75 kg. This approach left the sports where the 1RM is decisive in competition, such as weightlifting or powerlifting, however, ...
  • benefits of a healthy diet

    In this blog you will learn: Which restaurants you at all times to avoid – in these tents is eating out ALWAYS unhealthy! Which digital companion you can use you to feel less guilty about eating and fat – we use this trick l festering corpse every day What are two things you should skip ...
  • carbohydrates

    After being meditating and seeing the great confusion that exists on the subject of avoiding fruits to lose weight and carbohydrates in the evening, I decided to write this article as widely as possible to see if once and for all we can to make it clear If “dinner hydrates is the problem of losing ...
  • Lose Weight for Summer

    In this blog you will learn: The 5 most effective tips to lose weight to make easier for the summer How more than can lose 2 kilograms per week without exercising or dieting How do you make sure you store less fat – this then you probably never heard anywhere else What the best diet ...
  • training time

    And we only have a few days to leave behind the summer and, with the arrival of autumn and the cold months, many of you had thought about making a stage volume to gain some muscle as effectively as possible, but not you know very well how to organize it. Well, do not worry, from ...
  • When eat

    We already know the importance of carrying out adequate nutrition and supplementation to achieve a firm and toned body. But it is not only important to eat well, but to eat at the right time. To simplify things, I have established the most important moments to eat and the times of day that we should avoid eating ...
  • L-arginine

    In general, any professional or amateur athlete seeks to achieve greater muscle efficiency and better vascularization, with a twofold purpose: (1) ensure the supply of nutrients and oxygen to muscle, and (2) improve the elimination of lactic acid, main cause of muscle fatigue. Being both athletes coveted goals aimed at muscle hypertrophy, such as those ...