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    Anyone who follows my posts, you know that my relationship with the ketogenic diet is a relationship of love and hate. Faithfully believe that in situations like epilepsy or other diseases, carbohydrate restriction should be an imperative to combat tool, however, when it comes to fat loss, the ketogenic diet does not provide any benefit ...
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    The following article I will show you a simple nutritional strategy by the planing by which you can help in the process of recomposition Body Among the different protocols and nutritional strategies, which in this article suggest, it is more where I bring my perspective and experience in this matter. What is Calorie cycling? The ...
  • asthma and sports

    What is asthma? The Asthma is a disorder of the airways that occurs chronic inflammatory thereof and may involve various types of hypersensitivities stimuli. Although often begins in childhood asthma can affect people of all ages. What are the Symptoms of Asthma? Among his most repeated symptoms include: Intermittent respiratory distress wheezing Difficulty breathing Chest tightness Why Asthma ...
  • Muscle vs. Fat

    Body fat and muscle are two completely different tissues. Have different structures and functions, they react to training in different ways and, in short, one does not have the ability to become the other. Composition and Functions Adipose tissue is a specialized connective tissue in which conjunctival cells called predominantly adipocytes. Adipocytes store energy in ...
  • yoga

    Each of the people who practice sports thought our discipline is the best. We see the advantages we enjoy doing and do not see him almost hit What is Yoga? The word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated. We can think of the union occurring between the mind, ...
  • metabolism

    Accelerate metabolism naturally is one of the fundamental actions to help lose weight. A fast metabolism will allow you to lose weight faster and effectively, because the body will burn every minute of the day a greater amount of calories, but how do I know if my metabolism has accelerated? What do we mean by ...
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    Every day more people who want to care for your body use linseed oil as a dietary supplement because of the benefits that come from it. What is flaxseed oil? The Flaxseed oil or linseed comes from the seed of the plant Linum usitatissimum (flax) is rich in fatty acids of the omega – 3, ...
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    If you’re determined to get to achieve your goals, to increase muscle mass, you’re probably considering the option of taking a weight gainer Before doing so, there are some important things you should consider to select the gainer that best suits your needs to get the greatest benefits: Meet our nutritional requirements The first step, ...
  • Anabolics and body composition

    It’s no secret that many people turn to anabolic steroids to improve their body composition, either to increase muscle mass or reduce body fat In today’s article, we will see the case published by JF Hickson 1 in which the changes suffered a bodybuilder for 30 days facing competition was studied. Bodybuilder study Sports plan ...
  • increase muscle mass

    Discover these 15 foods that will help you increase your muscle size Perseverance is the most important to achieve an ideal physical factor. In the gym, it is to find a fitness program that gives us the results we want and then have the discipline to stick with it until the end. In the diet, ...